Otte Consulting and Support, LLC 
           ~ Helping Companies be More Focused, Effective and Efficient ~
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"The difference, in working with Christine, is how much she really cares about my business.  I have complete confidence and trust in her, which relieves a lot of stress."
                                                                                                                                                      ~Otte Consulting & Support Client

Otte Consulting & Support, LLC  is a WBE Certified company, owned by Christine Otte and based in MN.  Otte Consulting and Support, LLC works with various professionals across the US and Canada to provide hands on support to companies, including their remote staff and sales teams.

Before starting OCS Christine's experience in sales and marketing management gave her valuable insight into intricacies and challenges companies face in reaching goals, while trying to effectively coordinate corporate initiatives with each region's unique characteristics and demands .

Christine has experienced these challenges first hand, both as the person in the field trying to initiate corporate directives while meeting her  customers' unique  needs, and as a corporate Marketing Manager creating and delivering streamlined and cost-effective programs to the field.

This experience helps Christine make strategic suggestions on how to support both the corporate office and field personnel in a manner that will make both more effective and efficient.

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