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"Christine's committment to service comes through not only in her advice about how I can better serve my clients, but also in how she treats me, as her client."

~Otte Consulting and Support Client

Field Managers and Sales Professionals

The managers and sales professionals in the field today have a difficult job, regardless of what industry they are in.  While some industries are doing better or worse than others at any particular time.  It is the manager and sales professionals that are on the front lines  dealing with customers and problems every day, in an effort to reach not only their own goal, but to keep customers happy and move the company as a whole forward.

This is not an easy task, because sales professionals have so much more to think about than sales. While they are given sales goals to reach, they are often bogged down with administrative and service tasks that make it difficult for them to spend their time building relationships with customers and making headway on their goals.  Some studies show that sales professionals generally spend up to 23% of their time on non-revenue producing administrative tasks.  If you add in the time they spend on order processing and service issues that number increases to total up to 41% of the sales professionals time.

Talented sales professionals have unique skills and personalities that make them an important part of a company's growth.  However, the best sales professionals are usually not gifted in the area of administrative tasks, and even if they are, they know that their time is best used building relationships with customers, rather than being at their desk.











How Can We Help?

While each team and representative is unique, some of the ways we help managers and sales professionals often include:

  • Handling regular reporting and corporate communications, like call reports, expense reports...
  • Maintain databases, such as SalesForce...
  • Doing research on prospective customers, competitors...
  • Scheduling appointments so representatives and managers aren't tied up with time consuming back and forth emails and calls to get important contacts made
  • Handling customer follow-ups
  • Managing regular customer communications, via email, newsletters, cards... to stay top of mind and maintain client loyalty
  • Assist with implementation of corporate directives and programs
  • Event planning
  • Assisting with regional advertising and press as needed
  • Assist with email management
  • Handle miscellaneous communications and details that eat up revenue producing time

The aim of a business is not to make sales,
but to make customers.


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