Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

~Henry Ford


Otte Consulting and Support, LLC 
           ~ Helping Companies be More Focused, Effective and Efficient ~
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"Christine is not only full of great ideas, but she knows how to work with limited budgets and helps us find ways to gain visibility without overspending."
                                                                                                                                                            ~Otte Consulting and Support Client
Corporate Leadership

We understand that corporate leaders are faced with many challenges.  They are the experts on the big picture and charged with creating successful programs to meet corporate goals, which usually includes both increased revenue and decreased cost.

However, no matter how good a program is, it requires commitment and implementation by many key players in the company to be truly successful.  If managers and sales personnel in the field are overwhelmed with their own goals and time demands, it can make communication and implementation of any program difficult and lead to disappointing results.

Bottom Line:  Otte Consulting & Support, L.L.C. can increase your effectiveness as a leader by assisting with communications, reporting, information gathering and sales productivity.


How Can We Help?

  • Reporting and Communication assistance between corporate and field personnel      
    • Completing regular reports and updating databases for field personnel, so that corporate has the information they need in an accurate and timely fashion to make critical decisions.  This may includes things like such as sales reports, call reports, service requests, expense reports, SalesForce updates....  These are things that are often late or incomplete in arriving to corporate because field personnel give priority to activities that move them toward their goals, which is understandable.  Most successful sales representatives are not naturally good at administitraitive work, nor do they enjoy it. Having Otte Consulting & Support, L.L.C. take over these tasks should lead to more timely and complete communications to corporate as well as significantly less time on follow up.  Additionally, we expect it will lead to a happier and more productive sales force, where talented sales professionals are able to spend less time at their computer and more time with customers.
  • Implementing corporate directives at the local/regional level
    • Often, for programs to be successful, certain tasks must be done at the local level,  but having the area sales representative do them will inhibit their ability to spend time with customers.  Having our specialists do this will likely save time and money.  This includes things like:
      • local area research
      • local advertising
      • local press outreach
      • local event planning
      • finding local resources for a variety of things
  • Increasing field effectiveness
    • As a company leader you know that long-term happy and productive field personnel are key to success. However, sales professionals often feel stifles by the amount of administrative work they have to complete.   Some studies show that sales professionals generally spend up to 23% of their time on non-revenue producing administrative tasks.  If you add in the time they spend on order processing and service issues that number increases to total up to 41% of the sales professionals time.  Allowing us to take some of the administrative tasks off their plate so they can focus on reaching their goals, will lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.
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